Board of Directors of the SSC

Executive Committee

President: Michael Evans, University of Toronto (term ends 2014-06-30)
Past-President: Christian Léger, Université de Montréal (term ends 2014-06-30)
President-Elect: John Petkau, University of British Columbia (term ends 2014-06-30)
Treasurer: John Koval, Western (term ends 2015-06-30)
Executive Secretary: Cynthia Bocci, Statistics Canada (term ends 2015-06-30)
Publications Officer: Jean-François Plante, HEC Montréal (term ends 2016-06-30)
Meetings Co-ordinator: Tim Swartz, Simon Fraser University (term ends 2014-06-30)
Appointed Officers
Executive Director: Shirley Mills (term ends 2014-12-31)
Manager of Electronic Services: Russell Steele (term ends 2015-06-30)
Manager of Electronic Communications: Peter Macdonald (term ends 2015-12-31)
Editor of Liaison: Larry K. Weldon (term ends 2014-12-31)
Editor of The Canadian Journal of Statistics: David Stephens (term ends 2016-12-31)
Managing Editor of The Canadian Journal of Statistics: Román Viveros-Aguilera (term ends 2016-12-31)
SSC Executive Editor of Statistics Surveys: Richard Lockhart (term ends 2014-12-31)
Regional Representatives (2013-2014)
Atlantic Region
Noel Cadigan, Memorial University of Newfoundland (term ends 2015-06-30)
Ed Susko, Dalhousie University (term ends 2014-06-30)
Anne-Sophie Charest, Université Laval (term ends 2015-06-30)
Geneviève Lefebvre, Université du Québec à Montréal (term ends 2015-06-30)
Russell Steele, McGill University (term ends 2014-06-30)
Julie Trépanier, Statistics Canada (term ends 2014-06-30)
Fernando Camacho, DAMOS Inc. (term ends 2015-06-30)
Joel Dubin, University of Waterloo (term ends 2014-06-30)
Reg Kulperger, Western University (term ends 2014-06-30)
Georges Monette, York University (term ends 2015-06-30)
Manitoba - Saskatchewan - N.W.T. - Nunavut
Llwellyn Armstrong, Ducks Unlimited Canada (term ends 2014-06-30)
Alexandre Leblanc, University of Manitoba (term ends 2015-06-30)
Alberta - British Columbia - Yukon
Mary Lesperance, University of Victoria (term ends 2014-06-30)
Lawrence McCandless, Simon Frasier University (term ends 2015-06-30)